Come Ryde with us on August 6th!

  4th Annual Ryde for Lyme


Ryde for Lyme is an event within the Marin Century. LymeLight Ryders raise funds via an online fundraising campaign to help children and young adults suffering with Lyme disease get medical treatment. The fundraising minimum is $250* which includes the Ryde For Lyme/Marin Century registration fee. 

Distances are available for all abilities of ryders from 35 miles to the traditional 100 mile Century. All are welcome!

  • Prizes will be awarded to top fundraisers!
  • Custom LymeLight Jerseys are available.
  • Join us for food, prizes, special goodie bags, massages and other festivities at the LymeLight celebration after the ride.
  • Learn about Tick safety.

IMPORTANT: There is a two part sign up process.  

1.  Register at rydeforlyme.org. The LymeLight code will be emailed to you.

2.  Register on the Marin Century site. Use the code in the “Coupon Code (for sponsors)” box after selecting your ride. (Please Note: The Marin Century Site will be active March 2016)

You must use the special code to denote you as a LymeLight ryder and have your registration fee waived! 

Note:  We recommend you choose the Concierge Mailing Service (option on Marin Century site) to avoid waiting in lines on Ryde day!   

Sign up today!  Come join the fun!

LymeLight Foundation's mission is to provide grants to enable eligible children and young adults with Lyme disease to receive proper treatment and medication as well as raising awareness about Lyme disease.

Most insurance companies do not cover treatment for chronic Lyme disease, leaving families with ill children on their own to handle a mountain of medical debt.

Help us reach our goal of $90,000

$98,560 raised so far,   CONGRATULATIONS!



Note: 2016 Jerseys are the same as 2015

Top 5 Teams
Foothill Chiropractic $6,240.00
Team Denise Edwards $5,690.00
Team Russ $5,665.00
Team Citi 2016 $4,100.00
BikeWings $1,425.00
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Top 5 Fundraisers
Robert Rudelic $ 4,550.00
Michelle Felch $ 3,640.00
Denise Edwards $ 2,875.00
Russ Orzechowski $ 2,765.00
KEN FELCH $ 2,600.00
View All

Ryde for Lyme and LymeLight Foundation is proud to be a Sponsor of the Marin Century and also honored to be Hosted by Marin Cyclists at the Marin Century.


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